FAQ's for our new billing system at Family Practice Associates

1. Q: Will this new system affect my current payment plan?

A: No. A second payment plan for Family Practice Associates can be set up if need be.

2. Q: Where do I send my payment for services I received in the clinic?

A: The mailing address is Family Practice Assoc., 1100 Columbine Drive, Holton, Ks 66436

3. Q: Can I pay my hospital bill and my clinic bill with one check?

A: Yes. Please write the account number and amount towards each in the memo line.

4. Q: Can I still pay online?

A: Yes. Just simply state that the money needs to go to whichever account you are wishing to pay, otherwise any money received will go towards the oldest debt due.

5. Q: Can I talk to hospital billing specialists about my FPA bill and vice versa?

A: Since both parties are using different systems, it would be best to call the clinic to speak to a Family Practice Associates billing specialist if you have questions on your clinic statement, as they have received proper training to use the new system.